Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803
Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803

Mission & Vision

To develop our students’ full potential and achieve academic excellence.

Achieve academic excellence

Founded in 1983, Academic excellence is at the core of our mission at LFIM.

Our students benefit from a unique bilingual curriculum, based on the French Baccalaureate, world-renowned for its high academic standards, structured reasoning and critical thinking.

We provide our students from 2 years old to 18 years old, with a complete curriculum taught both in English and in French by a dedicated, highly qualified team of teachers.
Because we teach both in French and English, we pay particular attention to the linguistic progress of our students. Our teachers are trained to help newcomers reach rapid proficiency either in French or English, in order to gain confidence and succeed academically.

The French baccalaureate is the paved way to apply to the most renowned universities worldwide as well as in India.


We believe small classes, confident interactions with teachers and other students, school projects and personalised teaching contribute to the well being and academic successes of our students.

Live Local, Think Global: An International Education

Coming from over 18 nationalities, our students represent the uniqueness of Mumbai : a buoyant, pulsing, international megacity. We promote the French ‘touch’, but are deeply part of our local environment. Being in a truly international school helps our students develop their curiosity, adaptability and open-mindedness. We interact with both Indian and French academic and cultural institutions in order to bring the best of both cultures to our students.

Thrive in a Secure, Creative and Positive Environment

We at LFIM are all part of one family, and believe that our students’ well-being is at the core element of our mission.

This is why we take extra care into promoting personal development through arts, sports and community actions, both within our curriculum, and though the 15+ extra-curricular activities we offer thanks to our facilities.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming and positive environment to our students, their families, teachers and the whole community. It is important for us that our students’ families are involved in daily school life, through various events and celebrations, of both French and Indian cultures.