Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803
Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803

Schooling Redefined

A Global Curriculum

Established in 1983, The French International School of Mumbai remains Mumbai’s only bilingual school. 
Following the French Curriculum supervised and accredited by AEFE (The Agency for French Education Abroad), each LFIM student has the opportunity and flexibility to attend and continue hers or
his education within 532 schools located across 139 different countries. 

Classes are taught both in French and English, with two dedicated teachers leading each class from Kindergarten till the 5th Grade. From the 6th Grade onwards, classes are taught predominantly in French to reinforce language skills. From Grade 7, students choose between Spanish and German as a third language.

In the heart of Mumbai

Located at Lower Parel, merely a stone’s throw away from most business parks and easily accessible to both South Mumbai as well as the city’s suburbs, LFIM remains the school of choice to most expatriate families and parents who wish for their child to study a curriculum that promotes analytical thinking while simultaneously attaining fluency in both French and English.

Learning, as it should be

Targeting a low student to teacher ratio per class (7:1), students are given individual attention by their teachers, ensuring no doubts are left uncleared and maximizing class participation. This empowers students in asking questions without hesitation.

Gateway to France

LFIM is officially accredited by the French Ministry of Education and finds itself in the company of more than 61,900 schools in France, along with the 532 schools of the AEFE network. France consistently ranks amongst the top 10 countries in the world for higher education, and LFIM is your child’s gateway to it. With the recent signing of agreements between India and France, the ability to study in either country is now easier than ever before.

Health first

Successful implementation of online classes, at the very onset of the pandemic, ensured our students didn’t miss out on their classes. Parents were extremely happy with this seamless change. Teaching Kindergarten from home? We’ve done it! We have developed a Health Protocol on campus, that ensures the safety of the students for when classes resume in person as per Government guidelines.

One family

Parents work hand in hand with our teachers and administrative staff to ensure the school functions smoothly. With parents comprising the Managing Committee, at LFIM, transparency is key. For future prospective students and parents, please reach out to our admission team for any further questions or advice.

Transcending expectations and convention of what a school should be, LFIM strives to provide learning that enriches every moment of our students’ lives. To learn even more of what we offer, please contact us.