Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803
Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803

100 Bags for Christmas

100 Bags for Christmas, a donation drive by the children of the Elementary aims to collect 100 bags filled with goodies for unwell children suffering from cancer.
This year has been difficult on everyone, however this initiative hopes to provide much needed joy to those who are truly suffering. We invite everyone to participate in this heartwarming endeavour.
Please fill 1 bag with:
colored pencils
small notebooks
small book in Hindi (if available)
These bags may be handed over to the security at the school gate between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Please contact us at +91 022 0284 8803 in case you would like to donate a bag. We hope to have 100 bags by 11th December.
Spread the joy!