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Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 49608802


Pre-Kindergarten 1
Toute Petite Section

Pre-Kindergarten 2
Petite Section

Ages 2+

An early start

Upon completion of 2 years of age, your child is eligible to enroll in our unique environment.

Thanks to this extra year of learning, your child will get an opportunity to attend not the usual three, but four years in kindergarten.

Open To All

All students are welcome to be part of the Kindergarten programs, as young minds pick up a second and even third language quite naturally. Classes offer differentiated instruction, and students without formal French in their background are fully integrated into class with French-speaking students to help speed language-acquisition and socialization.

Our teachers are aware that in their first years of learning a new language, children will not understand everything they hear. They use body language, visual cues, manipulatives, exaggerated facial expressions, and expressive intonation to communicate meaning.

Cross-Grade Collaboration

Using our school’s project-based learning approach, younger and older students are partnered together to during certain activities, helping them develop their social and team-building skills.

LFIM’s Pre-Kindergarten is as international as can be. Learn more in AEFE’s (The Agency for French Education Abroad) brochure.

A Rendezvous with Faculty

Learn all about Pre-Kindergarten from those who know it best: our teachers!
Anshu, our English teacher, answers all your questions.

Being Bilingual

Learning and studying in two languages at such an early age has lifelong benefits.
Discover more in this video.

The fact that my kids want to attend school even during the weekends is what makes it worthwhile being part of this school.

Ruben Della MorteParent of LFIM