Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803
Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803

Being Bilingual

A bilingual education for your child.

Learning a language is a most rewarding intellectual adventure for young minds. Becoming truly bilingual, especially in our culturally immersive environment, encourages our students to embrace other cultures. They gain a deeper understanding of the values, beliefs and customs of other ways of life. We cannot think of a more valuable preparation for life in our globally connected century.

At LFIM, bilingualism is an inherent part of our students’ school life. Over the course of the day, they move seamlessly between our two core languages and cultures within an international environment. Be it in the classroom or on the playground, in the premises or at home, they engage with French and English speaking teachers, coaches, parents, staff, and each other.
All of our students are (or become!) bilingual in English and French, and no less than 30% speak at least three languages or more. This deep exposure to languages and cultures provide them with extraordinary, research proven benefits throughout their lives.

The Paths We Choose

This video beautifully explains the benefits of bilingualism.