Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 49608802
Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 49608802

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t speak French at home in our family, can we still apply?

Of course! We welcome non-French speaking families to the school. Please keep in mind that it is a commitment — and investment of time — for families who do not speak French at home to choose our bilingual program. Part of that is a willingness to expose children to the French language and culture outside of classroom hours. Through our after-school programs, we offer many opportunities for children to speak French after regular school hours. Our experience is that this commitment yields profound rewards for students and parents alike!

Is the French Baccalaureate recognised by the Government of India?

Yes it is! The French Baccalaureate certificate, issued after completion of secondary school education (Grade 12), and equivalent to the school leaving certificates issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or other secondary, intermediate and pre-university educational establishments, is officially recognized by the Government of India. This allows our students to enroll at colleges and universities in India and abroad.

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We have Indian passports, can we still apply?

Most definitely! We welcome families of all nationalities. Education, after all, should not have any borders.

What language do children speak among themselves?

One of the great joys at the Lycée Français International de Mumbai is experiencing how French and English are spoken and “mixed” among our students across all the grade levels. Generally speaking, in the lower levels, the children speak the language they, or their friends, are most comfortable in. Vive la difference!

Can I seek admission for any grade?

We welcome admissions to all grades. However, any admissions for Grade 3 and above require a minimum A1 (DELF) in French for students not formerly part of the French curriculum. This allows for a smooth transition into the pedagogy.

Are all the teachers from France?

Our students are fortunate to experience learning from an authentically French and Indian perspective at the school. Our French-speaking teachers are educated in France and carefully recruited to teach here. And we’re proud that our English-speaking faculty members are among the top teachers of any private school in Mumbai. Language is no barrier to teaching excellence.

How many countries are represented at LFIM?  Is it only for French nationals?

With students coming from more than 24 countries, we absolutely revel in our diversity. We welcome many Mumbai-based international families into the school, who share a passion and openness to the world. 

Is priority given to French nationals?

We give equal consideration to all families, irrespective of their nationality. Given the level of French needed to thrive in the elementary school and higher, we do ask all families to make a commitment to expose their children to the French language and culture outside the classroom. The school offers many opportunities to do this through the extracurricular activities and other programs.

How does bilingualism work at school?

The school offers both a bilingual and bicultural curriculum. French and English are the languages of learning. Our students are prepared for the renowned French Baccalaureate exams, as well as the Cambridge exams. From preschool till fifth grade, students are taught by a teaching team of French and English speaking teachers, with 50% of their classroom time in French and 50% in English. All LFIM students are remarkably bilingual and bicultural, with an extraordinary ability to move seamlessly between the two core languages and cultures of the school.

A Chat With Parents

Our parents talk about their experience at LFIM and what makes bilingual education vital for the modern world.