Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 49608802
Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 49608802


Junior KG
Moyenne Section

Senior KG
Grande Section

Ages 4+

A progressive, coherent programme

Every class is staffed by two childhood-development experts: a native English speaking teacher working in tandem with a native French speaking teacher. Students spend half of their time learning and communicating in English and the other half of their time in French, moving seamlessly and authentically between these two core languages throughout the school day.

Arts, music, library-time, and physical education all take on a bilingual dimension, with activities in both languages integrated into every school day.

Our adaptive programme takes into account the child’s linguistic profile. Support classes from specialized teachers in French or English are provided during the academic year as per the student’s requirements.

Celebrating and embracing diversity

Emotional development is a vital part of our kindergarten programme. Our students are able to share their family’s cultural traditions and experiences in our pluricultural school community.

A Rendezvous with Faculty

Learn all about Kindergarten from those who know it best: our teachers!
Vidhi, our English teacher, answers all your questions.