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Email ID: Phone Number: +91 22 2084 8803

Meet our teachers

A role model can be anybody: a parent, a sibling, a friend, but some of our most influential and life-changing role models are teachers.
Listed below are a few profiles on some of our school’s mentors. Find out a bit about what it is exactly that makes them great.

Art Teacher

Anne Mallié

An Art Director in France for 20 years and a Professor of Arts since the past 7, Anne leads a very colourful life, be it in school through her demonstrations of various art forms, or at home doodling with her kids while music plays in the background.

As her raison d’être, Anne’s goal is to instil the principles of design in our young generation, share with them her diverse experience in the fields of visual communication and help them discover the different techniques and approaches to art out there.

French Primary Class Teacher

Anne-Lise Richard

Anne-lise, our AEFE resident teacher, has played an integral role in shaping the school’s bilingual curriculum since the past 11 years, refining the syllabus regularly to stay in tune with the times.

She believes that whichever skills, humanitarian, cognitive  or academic, can be properly developed in children at a young age, assuring that our leaders of tomorrow have the right set of values.

Openness and tolerance towards other people and their practices, critical thinking, creativity, are some of the prominent qualities she strives to foster in each of her students.

Sports teacher

Thomas Audic

Thomas, our certified sports teacher, left the Amazonian jungles of Guyana two years ago for the concrete jungle of Mumbai.

This radical change in environment sums up Thomas’ love for challenges and his potential to adapt himself along with his profession to his surroundings. Be it a classroom or a football field, he will strive to inculcate in each student the values that physical education teaches us, like the benefits of teamwork, surpassing goals, building a daily appetite for exercise, improving social skills, and most importantly having fun.

English Primary Class Teacher

Ayesha Arthur

With a teacher’s certification from Paris-Sorbonne University and a Master’s degree in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Oregon under her belt, Ayesha’s profile never ceases to impress.

Although, what the students take back home with them is an exposure to the best of cultures and practices around the world through experiential learning. Introduction to different cuisines through cooking, fairy tales from various countries and knitting to calm the mind, are few of the activities the kids undertake in class, a hands-on approach to education fueled by the experiences Ayesha has encountered the world over.

History & Geography Teacher

Jean-Baptiste Fauchille

Every Secondary student’s favourite class is History Geography and Civics, thanks to Jean-Baptiste and his interactive, humorous and passionate way of teaching subjects that are typically considered mundane.

Professions are learnt through scientific and practical disciplines, unlike History and Literature, where young personalities are nourished and a cultural know-how is acquired.

A good, knowledgeable citizen of tomorrow deserves a holistic education, one that Jean-Baptiste imparts to his students. Through historical concepts and events, he informs and educates these adolescents how to empathise and deal with certain scenarios they may run into in their adult life. 

His academic background and his travels around the world allow him to teach Geography and International Relations/Political Science through first-hand experiences, stories that will leave you awestruck, yearning for more.